Managed File Transfer
Empower provides products, services, and training to meet the requirements of organizations large and small, Empower works with clients to determine how best MFT technology can be used to improve and compliment existing business processes.
Technical Integration
Empower connects with Managed File Transfer industry leaders to bring a curated set of solutions from Ipswitch, Cleo, Axway, and Globalscape. We have the flexibility to craft a solution to fit your unique business needs.


Managed File Transfer
Managed File Transfer
Thousands of IT teams depend on Secure Email and File Transfers to protect files at rest and in transit and assure compliance, governance and regulatory mandates. These products can be deployed on premise, or in the cloud.
Client-side Workflow
Client-side Workflow
Moving and processing secure files using Automation mitigates risk, reduces administrative overhead, and simplifies the creation of standardize workflows which makes it easier to improve reliability, security and compliance.
Data Analytics
Data Analytics
Simplify the audit process. Instantly validate all activity with a single consolidated view. Create custom reports or use over 50 out-of-the-box templates. Drag-and-drop elements to organize presentation of key metrics to validate compliance with SLA, regulatory and corporate policies. Reporting makes Data-driven decisions easy.
Support your growing Software needs with the latest in Hardware and Infrastructure upgrades. Contact us today to talk about your needs in obtaining Servers, Networking Equipment, Workstations, and Electronics.

Managed Services

Managed Services including Project Management and Server Administration are provided to assist in the process of integration, maintenance, and solutions architecture to meet or exceed Key Performance Indicators.

Professional Services

Implementation Services can assure that success is achieved through management of tasks and procedures for your technical projects. Getting your team up to speed can help growth in your next project.

Business Analysis

Enabling change by working across all levels of an organization to define strategy, creating enterprise architecture, and assisting leadership by defining the goals and requirements for supporting continuous improvement in its technology and processes.

Security and Auditing

The Empower Group is well positioned to provide assistance in PCI and HIPAA Compliance Auditing, as well as Penetration Testing and Analysis.


Empower is Premier Ipswitch Partner. We provide scalable and affordable managed file transfer software and consulting services to businesses of all sizes

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